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Upgrades, Repairs & Replacements For Your Electrical Wiring

Do you own an older home that has aged or worn wiring in need of replacement? Or perhaps you’ve discovered that your wiring is no longer suitable after you’ve installed new appliances, such as deep freezers, hot tubs or outdoor lighting systems and need home rewiring done.

If you know your home needs upgraded wiring or simply want someone to come out and take a look, go with the experts at Precise Building Services. Give us a call today or submit a request online!

How do I know if my home needs rewiring?

Several signs indicate the need for rewiring in a home:

  • Flickering or dimming lights.
  • Frequently tripped circuit breakers or blown fuses.
  • Buzzing or crackling sounds from outlets or switches.
  • Outdated wiring, such as knob and tube or aluminum wiring.
  • Burning smells or scorched outlets.
  • Persistent electrical shocks.
  • Charred or discolored outlets or switches.
  • Inadequate power supply for modern appliances.
  • Visible damage to wiring insulation.

Consulting with a qualified electrician can assess the wiring condition and recommend necessary upgrades.


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Home Wiring Skill & Know-How

Of course, you can rely on Precise Building Services to install new wiring safely, with precision and cleanliness. At the same time, our deep knowledge allows us also to offer a strategic approach to a rewiring project. 

Beyond just pulling wire, our expertise includes benefits such as:

  • Breaker panel upgrade suggestions - Larger houses or homes with many energy-intensive appliances may require a panel that can handle more amps.
  • Recommendations to improve safety and efficiency - Throughout the process, we will look for ways to avoid hazardous situations, save energy, and protect your home from power surges.
  • Assuring the wiring will pass inspection - We are well-versed in all local regulations that must be satisfied to get your new wiring project approved.
  • Plan for future needs - Our team will get your home’s electrical system ready for today, and we will help you prepare for tomorrow by considering any new electrical-powered features you may want to add in the future. For example, if you might add something like a spa, treadmill, or kitchen upgrades in the next 5-10 years, we’ll make sure your system can handle it.
  • Generators - Winter storm? Hurricane? Worries over power interruptions are a thing of the past with a backup generator. Whole-home standby generators automatically sense a power outage and come on immediately to safely power your home.

Contact DC’s Home Rewiring Experts

A rewiring project usually involves a lot more than simply putting in new wires. While it’s a significant project, it pays off in keeping you safer, preventing uneven power supply and reducing annoyances such as flickering lights or tripping circuits.

If you are considering a home rewire project, contact Precise Building Services today! We’ll make sure the job is done correctly to keep your home safe and comfortable now and for many years to come.

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