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Home Charging Solutions For Your Tesla EV

You've taken the plunge. You're kissing your old gas-guzzling car goodbye and going green with a brand new, all-electric Tesla. Then you get it home and realize - how do you charge this thing up? You can plug it up to your home outlet with an adapter, but that only gives you about two to four miles of range per hour of charging - and that's just not going to cut it.

Precise Building Services is dedicated to remaining ahead of the curve on the EV revolution. That's why we're a certified installer of Tesla Wall Connector charging stations. These units can get your vehicle charged up to full range within a short time. Take full advantage of your car's capabilities today!

Unleash Your Car's Potential

Here are some of the benefits of the Tesla Wall Connector charging station:

  • Flexibility - Wall Connectors can be used at houses, apartments and workplaces. They can be mounted indoors or outdoors, and are compatible with a range of electrical systems.
  • Convenience - Don't waste time looking for a charging station or sitting around waiting for your car to get power. Charging is always available, on your schedule.
  • Lower Costs - Take advantage of the "Scheduled Departure" feature, which takes into account when you're leaving and how much power you'll need to utilize lower, overnight energy costs to do the bulk of your charging.

Get Your Tesla Charging Station Today!

Precise Building Services stands ready to help you fully enjoy your Tesla vehicle. Speak with one of our highly-trained technicians to learn more about how installation works and to get your appointment scheduled. Message us online or call 202.827.2214 today!


Is it cheaper to charge a Tesla at home or a charging station?

Charging a Tesla at home is generally cheaper than using a public charging station, primarily due to lower electricity rates for residential customers. Home charging allows you to take advantage of off-peak electricity rates, which are often significantly cheaper than the per-kilowatt-hour rates at public charging stations. Additionally, many utility companies offer special electric vehicle (EV) charging plans, further reducing the cost of charging at home. However, public charging stations may be necessary for longer trips or if you don't have access to home charging. The cost comparison depends on your specific circumstances and charging needs.

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