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Repair, Replace Or Install Breakers With Precise Building Services

Our access to power is managed and distributed by our circuit breakers — kind of like our pipes manage and distribute water. Since we rely on power for almost everything at home and at work, our circuit breakers are incredibly important. If you have a circuit breaker that needs to be repaired, replaced or serviced, you want to make sure you call someone reliable like Precise Building Services.

Circuit Breaker FAQs

What are the signs of a bad circuit breaker?

Knowing the indicators that a circuit breaker is faulty could save you and your family from potential fire danger. Here are some of the most important signs. First, if you've seen flashing or flickering lights on a consistent basis, this could be a sign of trouble.  If you have light bulbs that burn out quickly and must be replaced on a regular basis or if you’re getting a burning electrical stench coming from your panel, these could be incidactors as well. Finally, if you are experiencing frequent circuit breaker tripping this needs to be heeded as a possible sign of a circuit breaker that may need replacing.

What is the lifespan of a circuit breaker?

A circuit breaker's life expectancy is estimated to be 30 to 40 years by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), and the same is true for GFCI, AFCI, and conventional breakers. Because a breaker is a mechanical device, it will be shortened by damp or corrosive environments. A dry, indoor setting with temperate temperatures, on the other hand, will lengthen its life.

How do I reset my circuit breaker?

Locate your breaker box, usually a silverish metal in color. Open the metal door and search for a bank of switches organized in rows. Look for the breaker whose switch lever has moved from the ON position to the OFF position. The majority of circuit breakers include an orange or red marker window that indicates when they have tripped. 

To rejoin your circuit and restore power, turn the switch to the ON position. This reset process may entail pulling the breaker lever all the way to the OFF position and then back to the ON position with some circuit breaker types. As the breaker clicks to the ON position, you will sense resistance in the lever, followed by a characteristic clicking sound or feeling. Turn on lights and appliances one by one along the circuit while someone stands by the breaker box to watch whether the circuit breaker trips again. If it happens, it's time to consult an electrician since it means the circuit has a more significant problem.

Can circuit breakers be repaired?

Circuit breakers might fail after many years of service. Because a defective breaker cannot be repaired, replacement is the only option. A circuit breaker that feels hot or smells like it's on fire should be replaced as fast as possible. Only a certified electrician should install a circuit breaker.

Why is my microwave tripping the breaker in my home near Washington, DC?

There are a few potential reasons why a microwave might be tripping the breaker in your home:

Overloaded circuit: If the microwave is running on a circuit that is already overloaded, it can cause the breaker to trip. This is because the circuit is trying to supply more power than it can handle.

Faulty wiring: If there is faulty wiring in your home's electrical system, it can cause the breaker to trip when the microwave is turned on. This could be due to loose connections or damaged wires.

Defective microwave: If the microwave itself is defective, it could be drawing too much power and causing the breaker to trip. This could be due to a malfunctioning motor or other internal components.

If you're experiencing this issue, it's important to have a licensed electrician inspect your electrical system and microwave to determine the root cause of the problem. They may recommend upgrading your electrical system or replacing your microwave to prevent future issues.

Can a faulty circuit breaker cause electrical fires?

Yes, a faulty circuit breaker can cause electrical fires. Circuit breakers are designed to protect your home by interrupting the flow of electricity in case of an overload or short circuit. If a breaker is faulty and fails to trip when it should, excessive electrical current can cause wires to overheat, potentially igniting an electrical fire. Regular inspections and maintenance of your electrical system, including circuit breakers, are essential to ensure they function properly and provide the necessary protection against fire hazards.


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Why Repair Or Replace Old Circuit Breakers

Replacing and repairing old circuit breakers is important for the safety of your home or business. Many of the problems that lead to electrical fires are the result of overloaded circuit breakers. Updated breakers won’t see the power surges, interruptions and broken connections an older, non-updated breaker would see. 

Even though there are numerous devices to plug additional devices into an outlet, it’s important to remember that older breakers weren’t designed for the number of electrical applications we have today.

The benefits of newly installed circuit breakers:

  • Protect your devices from power surges.
  • Protect against data loss resulting from sudden power outages.
  • Allow for a more consistent internet connection.
  • Prevent risk of electrical fires from overloaded circuit breakers.

When your circuit breakers are older, your equipment is open to power surges and interruptions in power, in addition to electrical fires. Repairing faulty circuit breakers can prevent these dangerous surges, interruptions and hazards. Replacing a bad circuit breaker can be crucial to the safety of your home or business. 

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