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Professional Ceiling Fan Installation Near Washington DC

In some ways, installing a home ceiling fan is similar to other overhead fixtures, but the weight of a ceiling fan adds another layer of complexity. We recommend hiring a professional electrician to install your ceiling fans to save time and money and ensure the installation is safe and up to code.

Precise Building Services has more than 15 years of experience installing ceiling fans of all types in DC area homes. From new installations to replacement of existing fans, contact us today and we would be happy to handle your ceiling fan project!


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Hiring A Pro To Install Your Ceiling Fans

On a warm day, nothing beats the cool breeze from a fan wafting down from overhead. It can help save air conditioning energy costs by helping you feel cooler at higher temperature settings — not to mention that a fan can add a pleasing decorative touch to the room itself.

Installing new wiring to locate a ceiling fan where no overhead light exists is best left to an electrician. But having an electrician replace an existing fan also has advantages beyond just convenience and avoiding risk of shock. Why?

  • Ensuring sufficient support - In many cases, ceiling fans cannot be supported by an outlet box alone, because of the added weight of a fan. Our electricians will be able to check that the support system inside of the ceiling can handle the weight of the fan over time. If the support isn’t sufficient, we can add additional bracing or an outlet box specially designed to carry the weight.
  • Make sure the installation complies with local regulations - In many areas,  fan installations must be done according to building code. Our experts at Precise Building Services know local codes inside and out.
  • Time and money savings - Especially if you are installing multiple fans, a professional will usually be able to complete the job much more quickly and in a manner that will reduce the risk of future costly repairs.
  • Balancing - After installation, fans must be balanced to prevent shuddering and excessive noise. A professional knows how to balance a fan and keep it from wobbling in the future.

We Are The Ceiling Fan Pros Serving The DC Metro

From ceiling fan replacements, to replacing overhead light fixtures with a fan, to installing fans in new areas that require wiring, Precise Building Services is the key to keeping you cool. We’ll make sure the fan you choose is right for the room and has the support it needs to stay safely where it needs to be — in the ceiling. 

So for a single fixture or a whole house full of fans, contact the Precise Building team today!

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