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Protect Your Home From Sudden Power Surges

For more than a decade, Precise Building Services has been the DC area’s go-to for surge protection services. Power surges can send more than 10,000 volts suddenly through your home’s power lines. These surges can instantly fry the electronics in major appliances, damage computers and televisions and may even jolt your home’s heating and air conditioning systems. At the same time, minor power surges that you might not even notice could be slowly damaging electronics and equipment. We will assist you with recommendations for and installation of whole-home surge protector and circuit protectors to shield everything in your home.

Surge Protection FAQs

Does surge protection near Washington DC help me prepare for storm season?

Yes, surge protection can help you prepare for storm season. Power surges can occur during storms, and they can cause significant damage to your electrical appliances and systems. A power surge occurs when there is a sudden increase in electrical current, which can overload and damage electronic devices. 

Surge protection devices (SPDs) can help to regulate and protect against these power surges. They work by redirecting excess voltage away from your electrical systems and appliances, preventing damage from occurring. Installing SPDs can help to safeguard your electronics during storm season and provide peace of mind knowing that your home is protected. It's best to consult with a licensed electrician to determine the appropriate surge protection devices for your home and specific needs.

What appliances or devices benefit from whole-home surge protection?

Whole-home surge protection benefits a range of appliances and devices, safeguarding them from voltage spikes. This includes sensitive electronics like computers, TVs, and smart devices. Kitchen appliances, HVAC systems, and garage door openers are also protected. Additionally, major home systems such as heating and cooling units, refrigerators, and security systems benefit from whole-home surge protection. By preventing damage caused by electrical surges, this comprehensive protection ensures the longevity and reliable performance of various household devices and systems.

Will whole-home surge protection affect my electricity bill?

Whole-home surge protection typically has a minimal impact on your electricity bill. These systems operate passively, only activating when there's a surge. The energy consumption is negligible during normal conditions. The potential cost savings from preventing damage to appliances and electronics, as well as the increased lifespan of devices, can outweigh any minor increase in energy usage. Considering the long-term benefits and protection provided, the impact on your electricity bill is generally considered insignificant.

How common are power surges, and what causes them?

Power surges are relatively common occurrences in electrical systems. They can be caused by various factors, including lightning strikes, utility grid switching, electrical storms, and equipment malfunctions. Surges can also originate from within the home due to the cycling of large appliances, such as air conditioners or refrigerators. While some surges are minor and go unnoticed, others can be significant and lead to damage to electronic devices and appliances. Implementing surge protection measures is essential to safeguard against potential damage from these events.

Is whole home surge protection necessary if I already use individual surge protectors?

While individual surge protectors offer some level of protection for specific devices, whole home surge protection provides comprehensive protection for all electrical systems and appliances throughout your home. Whole home surge protection safeguards against surges entering through various points, offering additional layers of defense. It complements individual surge protectors by providing a first line of defense against larger surges that can overwhelm individual protectors. Therefore, whole home surge protection is advisable for comprehensive protection against electrical surges and safeguarding your entire home.

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Why You Need More Than A Few Power Strips

You are probably as familiar with plug-in surge protectors as you are with surges caused by lighting, but many other situations can cause less powerful surges that you may not even notice — and that those plug-in power strips can’t protect against. 

These minor power fluctuations are actually much more common than those caused by lightning. They’re caused by everyday activity, like the air conditioner cycling on and off or your washing machine hitting the spin cycle, and they happen hundreds of times a day. Because small surges are short but frequent, they can be just as harmful over time as a single large surge.

Why Install Whole-Home Surge Protection

There are several reasons why upgrading your surge protection is a good idea, including:

  • Many power strips are low quality. Many cheaper power strips often do little, if anything, to protect the devices plugged into them.
  • Today’s appliances contain more electronics. Unlike the past, most major appliances in your home — including stoves, refrigerators, microwaves and washers — now have electronic components like motherboards and other electronics that can require costly repair if damaged.
  • A whole-home surge protector protects everything in your house. Many people just plug their computer and TV into a power strip and forget it. But consider how many other things are plugged or wired into your home’s electrical system that could be damaged in a surge.
  • Surge protection is a wise investment. If you consider the total cost of your home’s appliances, computers, television and audio equipment, an investment in a whole-home surge protection system seems minor in comparison.

Why Choose Us For Surge Protector Installation In The DC Metro

Precise Building Services’ trained and licensed electricians emphasize safety and trust in everything that we do. 

More than just a surge protection service, we will make sure your home’s total electrical system, from circuit breakers to GFCI outlets, is set up and functioning correctly. A safely operating system prevents electrical fires and shock hazards while offering dependable power throughout the house. Our team can also check to ensure your system is properly grounded to prevent voltage from power surges traveling to other wires in your house.

To learn more about our surge protection services, or to schedule an appointment, contact our team today!

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