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Precise Electrical Service & Repair in Washington, DC

We at Precise Building Services pride ourselves in providing locals of Washington, DC with expert electrical service that secures your home’s safety. Precise Building Services has provided professional electrical work and has earned Washington, DC’s trust through 15 years of reliable emergency electrical services.

There is no electrical job too big or small that we can’t tackle. We are Washington, DC’s premier emergency electrical service ready to provide you with outstanding services and reliable customer service.

Expert Electrical Work For Washington, DC

Going through the process of hiring different electricians for numerous complex electrical services can be a hassle. How can you know which ones will provide you with professional electrical service while also being trustworthy and reliable? Look no further than our expert electricians at Precise Building Services. 

One of the most important electrical services your home or business will ever need is a panel upgrade. An aged and failing electrical panel will put your access to power and electricity severely at risk. Old panels and breakers can compromise the safety and reliability of your home’s electricity through electrical fires, power shortages and surges, and constant interruptions.

Since 2011, we have provided the DC area with swift and convenient electrical panel and circuit breaker work. We can repair your circuit breakers or install new breakers to ensure your home’s power is safe and consistent at all times. Our dedication to your safety and convenience while providing exceptional service is a guarantee.

Washington, D.C. Trust Us For The Following Electrical Repair Issues:

  1. Repairing or replacing faulty wiring in your Washington, D.C. home or business: Bad, old, or damaged wiring can cause electrical problems like short circuits, sparks, fires, and worse. Our licensed electricians can inspect, assess and fix any damaged or outdated wiring.
  2. Fixing electrical outlets and switches: Over time, commercial and residential electrical outlets and switches can become loose, worn out, or damaged. A skilled electrician can provide electrical repairs and replacements for these components to upgrade them and get you home back to a peace of mind that comes with safety.
  3. Upgrading Washington, D.C. electrical panels: Older electrical panels may not be able to handle the electrical demands of modern appliances and electronics. Upgrading to a larger panel or one with more circuits can help prevent electrical overloads and potential hazards.
  4. Installing new ceiling fans and light fixture installation for Washington, D.C homes and businesses: These types of installations can be tricky, especially if you need to run new wiring or make modifications to existing electrical systems. A licensed electrician can ensure that everything is installed correctly and safely, and that the power is running from an electrical source with enough power to run it.
  5. Smart lighting and electrical installations: In the D.C. area, many homes and businesses have electrical systems that run on smartphone communicated devices. These systems need additional fixtures added or system updates. We can assess your needs and find electrical solutions that are just right for you. Need an Electric Vehicle car charging  station installation? We can do that too!

Remember, it's always best to consult a licensed electrician for any electrical repairs or installations. Electrical work can be dangerous and should only be performed by trained professionals. Click here for more electrical troubleshooting tips.



How much do electrical contractors charge per hour near Washington, DC?
  1. In the Washington, DC area, most electrical contractor pricing is fixed with costs determined per project. Some examples of project costs for electrical services might be priced as follows:
  • $280 per ceiling fan installation. 
  • $200 for wiring a new outlet.
  • $300 to install or replace a new exhaust fan.
  • $200 to install a smoke detector system .

While you will see variations and changes in this pricing from contractor to contractor, you can count on Precise Building Services to keep your best interest and budget in mind.  Contact us today to price your project. 

What should I look for when hiring an electrician near Washington, DC?
  1. When hiring an electrical contractor near Washington, DC, you should look for the following things: licensure, experience, consumer trust, local business. First, you should always be sure the contractor is licensed and insured. This makes sure they have the skills necessary to perform the job at hand and that if anything goes wrong, you are covered. Another important thing to ask is about experience. Your electrician should have experience and positive reviews reflecting the quality of the service provided. If the job is specialized, ask if the contractor has that specialty and has done that kind of work before. Additionally, knowing that your electrician has the consumer’s trust is priceless. Finally, make sure that you go with a local business that knows the area and will have fair and competitive rates. 

Precise Building Services is licensed and insured and specializes in all things residential including electrical services for single and multi family homes, electrical upgrades, and new construction. We are also adept at commercial services and have extensive experience in the commercial field.  Contact us about electrical services for your home or business today. 

What circuit breakers are needed for a house near Washington, DC?
  1. Most residential homes have 100 to 200-amp breaker boxes depending on the amount of electrical power the panel needs and the number of circuits that are on the main circuit breaker panel. Amperage is a measurement of the volume of electricity flowing through your wires and this can vary between 30 amps in older homes that have not had their electrical wiring updated to as much as 400 amps in a very large home with significant electrical needs. 

To add circuits to your circuit breaker to accommodate the appliances of today or for any information about circuit breakers in the DC area contact Precise Building Services. 

What can I do to protect my home's electrical system from a storm in Washington, D.C.?

There are several steps you can take to protect your home's electrical system from a storm. Firstly, consider installing a whole-house surge protector to protect your home's electrical system from power surges. It's also a good idea to unplug any unnecessary electronic devices to prevent them from being damaged by a power surge. Ensure that any outdoor electrical equipment, such as air conditioning units or generators, is securely anchored and protected from flying debris. Additionally, trimming back any nearby trees or branches can help prevent damage from falling limbs. Finally, in the event of an approaching storm, it's important to turn off and unplug all electronics and appliances to reduce the risk of electrical fires or damage from lightning strikes.

Washington, DC’s Favorite Electricians

We are Washington, DC’s most trusted emergency electrical service that remains a local favorite. Check out our 5 star reviews and learn why our customers rely on Precise Building Services for all their emergency electrical services. Contact us to schedule your electrical services today.

Local Reviews
for Washington, DC

Ariel A.

Ariel A.

Upgraded Electrical Panel and installed an EV (Electrical Vehicle) Charging Station.

Near 7th St NW, Washington, DC 20001
Jones C.

Jones C.

Smart Car Charging Station: Installation of a charging station for an electric car.

Near 32nd St NW, Washington, DC 20015
Jones C.

Jones C.

Electrical Panel Replacement: Installed 40 Amp EV Charging Station for customer and replaced 200 Electrical Panel.

Near 10th St NW, Washington, DC 20011
Jones C.

Jones C.

Installed 40 Amp EV Charging Station for customer and replaced 200 Electrical Panel.

Near 10th St NW, Washington, DC 20011
Jones C.

Jones C.

Residential Electrical Services: Upgraded Electrical Panel and service to 200 Amps. Also replaced all of the outdated outlets with tamper proof outlets.

Near Gorman Terrace SE, Washington, DC 20019
Ariel A.

Ariel A.

Residential Electrician: Homeowner wanted to update the home with smart home solutions. We installed new recessed lights with smart bulbs. Homeowner also wanted to upgrade electrical panel to support the electrical needs of the home.

Near Kenyon St NW, Washington, DC 20010
Ariel A.

Ariel A.

Electrical Home Renovation: Homeowner wanted to add smart solutions for her home as part of an electrical upgrade. We installed 20 recessed 6 inch lights with smart bulbs.

Near Branch Ave SE, Washington, DC 20020
Ariel A.

Ariel A.

Installed 10 recessed lights and exterior fixtures.

Near Holbrook Terrace NE, Washington, DC 20002
Ariel A.

Ariel A.

Installed new recessed lights and replaced inoperable circuit breaker.

Near 9th St NW, Washington, DC 20001
Ariel A.

Ariel A.

Finished installation of an Electrical Heavy with 200 Amp Disconnect

Near Jackson St NE, Washington, DC 20018
Ariel A.

Ariel A.

Replacing a 100 amp fuse box with an upgraded 200 Amp Electrical Panel.

Near Wahler Pl SE, Washington, DC 20032
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