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Never Suffer A Power Loss Again!

Most areas of Washington, DC, and the surrounding cities in Virginia and Maryland are prone to heavy summer and winter storms. Power outages are common, and fierce weather conditions make it difficult for residents to gain access to electricity. 

Happily, you can install a whole home generator from Precise Building Services and enjoy the peace of mind that comes from never experiencing a power outage again! With our generator installation, you will no longer have to worry about loss of power, even for a millisecond!


We GUARANTEE Our Craftsmanship

Why A Whole Home Generator?

Apart from their permanent fixed location and the possibility for all-weather operation, whole home generators come with a vast number of great benefits. For one, you can’t beat them when it comes to low running costs and greater power supply. 

They have automatic starting capabilities and get functional in a jiffy, whether you are at home or not. The generator will turn on automatically when there is a disruption of power, shutting off when power is restored. With portable generators, this has to be done manually and it can be quite a chore! 

Another big plus is that whole home standby generators use natural gas, making them more eco-friendly than portable generators. Natural gas is also less expensive than unleaded fuel from the gas station and doesn’t require constantly refilling a gas tank, making a standby generator a cost-effective and convenient alternative to a portable unit.

A quality standby generator from Precise will power all the appliances and equipment that your family depends upon - refrigerator, air-conditioning, medical equipment, cooking appliances and the varied gadgets that you need throughout the day. 

Why Choose Precise Building Services?

We can help you find the right whole home generator for your home and budget. Our expert electricians at Precise will help you drill down on just the right generator for your needs. 

An assorted choice of the best brands and warranties: All our standby generators are made by leading manufacturers and backed by an excellent range of warranties.

Our whole home generator solutions are unmatched: Precise offers generator capacities that vary, between 7KW and 150KW, depending upon your requirements. 

Skilled installations: Electricians from Precise are fully licensed, insured and highly trained; we have years of experience in installing whole home generators across the Washington, DC area. We understand your needs and will recommend only the best generator solutions for you. At Precise Building Services, we work strictly in compliance with all local and state codes. 

Don’t let a power outage stress you out! Enjoy an uninterrupted energy supply. Reach us at 202.827.2214 or contact us online today.

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