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Precise Electricians for Bethesda, MD Emergency Repairs and Electrical Replacements

Precise Building Services in Bethesda, MD provides residents with fast, professional emergency electrical services and electrical repairs to keep your home running. Since 2011, we have offered impeccable electrical service to Bethesda that is built off our dedication to electrical safety, quality service, our holistic approach to electrical repair and friendly customer service. There is no one else in the Bethesda area that provides emergency electrical services that will keep your power running throughout the day and night like Precise Building Services.

You Know You Need A Bethesda, MD Licensed Electrician When:

  • Home Wiring or Rewiring - With the changing times come changing technology. Your old wiring in your Bethesda home might need an electrical upgrade - especially if you are running more appliances needing electricity. Call us if you think your current electrical wiring is posing a danger.
  • Electrical Panel Upgrades - Your Bethesda, MD home might just need more juice - plain and simple. If you think you might need an upgrade for more appliances, special appliances, or an upgrade from an older home's electrical provisions, we can help.
  • Lighting Installations - Whether you are installing all new lighting fixtures, or need assistance finding just the right lighting solutions for your home, get started with Precise Building Services today.
  • Ceiling Fan Installations - One quick and easy way to update a space with with a brand new ceiling fan. No matter the size or style of the ceiling fan you would like to install, you will want to be sure that it is installed correctly to extend it's life and be sure the new fixture will not be a danger to your home.
  • Installation of Generators - If you are considering an electrical generator for your Bethesda home to provide continuous power rain or shine, call us for the installation that will make all the difference.
  • Electrical Vehicle Car Charger Installation - Having an EV Car Charger installed at you home near Bethesda is a MUST if you are relying on an electrical or hybrid vehicle to get you where you need to go. Make sure you are always powered up!

Solutions for Power Outages in Bethesda, MD

These days it is important to stay connected with computers, smartphones, tablets and technology that all depend on electrical power. Losing power and staying in the dark for extended periods of time can be costly and carries lots of associated risks for you, your family and the entire community. 

Last year, Montgomery County and the surrounding areas near and in Bethesda, MD had 20,036 reported power outages within 24 hours during tropical storm weather. This excess of rain and water can cause major damage to your home’s electrical system and the constant power outages will continue to put you at risk as well as add inconvenience. 

Precise Building Services’ emergency electrical services can restore your power while installing a generator can help prepare your home for adverse weather conditions and events that would normally interfere with your electrical grid.

Allow us at Precise Building Services to troubleshoot, repair and maintain your electrical wiring to keep you online and your electricity running at all times. Whether your wires have been exposed to water or your electrical panel needs maintenance, we are ready and will have all your emergency electrical services covered.

Serving Bethesda, MD Neighborhoods Near You With Electrical Services

You can find us all over the DMV, but we serve several Bethesda neighborhoods, including:

What does it mean when a circuit breaker won't reset near Bethesda?
If the circuit breaker won’t reset and trips quickly, the problem might be a short circuit. A short circuit happens when a current-carrying hot wire comes into contact with a neutral wire. In this scenario, the flipped breaker provides a safety measure and confirmation that your circuit breaker is functioning correctly. A short circuit can result in damaged equipment, overheating or even a fire danger. If you believe a short circuit is causing your circuit breaker to trip, turn it off and contact a qualified electrician.
What is involved in an electrical inspection near Bethesda?
An electrical inspection examines your complete electrical system, verifying that all electrical cables, systems and components (such as appliances) satisfy regulatory safety requirements. The National Electrical Code (NEC) is the code that all licensed electricians use when inspecting your house, and it establishes the limits for minimum requirements across the United States. Here are just some of the items included in a typical inspection of your electric system: 
  • Checking the correct wattage of a light bulb.
  • The functioning and condition of switches and wall outlets.
  • Hazards of electric shock or electrocution.
  • Interrupters (AFCIs) are working properly.
  • Grounding system confirmation.
How much does it cost to upgrade your electrical panel near Bethesda?
The average cost of replacing an electrical panel is $1,180, with a usual range of $536 to $1,932. You'll spend extra if you need 400-amp service or want to install numerous units. Upgrades that maintain the same amperage and wiring cost the least amount.  The cost of hiring an electrician to do the job is between $50 and $100 per hour nationwide. Clients should budget between $200 and $2,000 for project labor. A typical update takes 4 to 8 hours to finish. This excludes rewiring or the installation of new wiring.
How much is a heavy up?

Most houses have a 100- to 150-amp service. However, for many people, the expense of upgrading to 200-amp service, also known as a heavy up, is readily justified. This is especially true if you work from home, are expanding your home or have accepted that running many appliances at once is a need rather than a luxury.

Provided you have an existing electrical panel that doesn't need to be completely replaced, the cost of upgrading to a 200-amp service is between $750 and $2,000. This pricing covers both the box and the installation.

Bethesda’s Neighborly Go-To Electricians

We pride ourselves in being Bethesda’s local electrician with impeccable electrical services and customer service. Check out our local reviews to see why Precise Building Services is your best choice. Contact us to schedule service today.

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