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When The Power Is Out, Call Precise Building Services

These days, what doesn’t require electricity? From our phones to our computers, everything we care about depends on our access to electricity. When you’re in the dark you’ll want to call Precise Building Services to get your power back on as soon as possible so you can get that phone charged up and that computer back online. 


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When Do You Need An Emergency Electrician?

A malfunctioning electrical system can cause real damage and should only be handled by a professional electrician. You should call Precise Building Services immediately if you notice any of the following signs of danger in your home. 

Your wires have been exposed to water. This can occur a number of ways but the outcome remains incredibly dangerous. Mark off this area — walking in this water could cause you to be electrocuted — and wait for a licensed electrician to tend to the situation. 

Brown or black marks appear on the outlets. These marks mean that your outlet has overheated. You may have experienced a power surge or the outlet may have been loaded beyond capacity. Either way you should call Precise immediately.

Your outlets are hot. Outlets should never feel warm to the touch. This is a sign of overheated wires or even a possible fire behind the wall.  

Your electrical panel is buzzing. Your electrical panel should not make any kind of noise. If you hear it humming or buzzing or if you hear a similar sound behind outlets, this is a reason to call a professional. 

You smell burning. Always respond to a burning smell. Electrical fires can cause you to lose everything and while there is insurance, some things like family heirlooms and old photographs cannot be replaced. 

Prompt, Professional Electrical Repair

If you notice any of these signs of an electrical emergency, or if you’re without power while the rest of the neighborhood has power, it’s time to call Precise Building Services. Reach us at 202.827.2214 or contact us online today.

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