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Electrical Home Safety

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Protect Your Home With Dependable Electrical Safety Services

We are the electrical home safety experts in the DC area. Precise Building Services built its reputation on expertise in safety, electrical contracting, construction and engineering services.

With the depth and breadth of our experience and focus on customer care, you could not pick a better partner to ensure your home’s electrical systems are operating reliably to safeguard your family’s safety and comfort.

If you have specific problems or general concerns about your home’s electrical safety, contact Precise Building Services to schedule service. We are available for emergency service, so if you suspect you have an electrical issue that might require immediate attention in the DC metro area, call us right away at [phone link].


We GUARANTEE Our Craftsmanship

Our Electrical Home Safety Services

Our licensed electricians train for years to know how to find electrical issues or safety hazards, and we repair, replace, or install new components to resolve any problems. We know that keeping your home safe requires attention to detail and a high level of knowledge. We perform our entire range of electrical services with safety as a priority. 

Here are a few of the safety-related services that we offer:

  • Surge Protection - Protect your home’s sensitive electronics and appliances from damaging power spikes with our surge protection services. A hardwired surge protector will work much better than a few power strips to avoid costly repairs and equipment outages.
  • Electrical Safety Inspections - Our expertise lets us offer the most comprehensive electrical safety inspections in the area. Our knowledgeable electricians will help you troubleshoot issues, prepare for any inspections or simply give you peace of mind knowing if any hazards require attention.
  • Carbon Monoxide Detectors - Precise Building Services offers installation of carbon monoxide detectors to keep you safe from this deadly odorless gas. We’ll install hard-wired detectors, make sure your sensors are installed in the correct areas of the home and make sure your alarms are properly maintained and up to code.
  • Electrical Repairs - If your home requires electrical repairs, the experts at Precise Building will make sure the job is done correctly as quickly as possible. We can ensure that any repairs are safe, comply with local regulations and exceed typical standards in the industry.

For Electrical Home Safety, Put Your Trust In Us

Precise Building Services has been working with customers in DC and surrounding communities in Virginia and Maryland for more than a decade. We have helped hundreds of our customers find and fix electrical problems and other issues of concern. At the same time, we offer dependable customer service and customers can count on us any time of day or night.

If you have any uneasiness about your home’s safety, contact the reliable and safety-minded experts at Precise Building today!


What appliances should have dedicated circuits?

Certain appliances require dedicated circuits to ensure safe and efficient operation. Appliances that draw a high amount of power or have a significant electrical load should have dedicated circuits to prevent overloading the electrical system. Examples of appliances that typically need dedicated circuits include air conditioners, electric stoves, electric water heaters, electric dryers, refrigerators, and microwave ovens. Additionally, large power tools and heavy-duty equipment in workshops should also be on dedicated circuits. Installing dedicated circuits for these appliances ensures they have the power they need to function properly and minimizes the risk of tripped circuit breakers or electrical hazards.

How much does it cost to add a dedicated circuit near Washington, DC?

The price to add a dedicated circuit may vary based on things like where the electrical panel is located, how far it is from the appliance, and how complicated the installation is. The price will usually range from $150 to $500 or more on average. This covers all necessary permissions, labor, and supplies. To ensure a secure and legal installation, it's crucial to work with a certified electrician who can evaluate your unique electrical requirements and offer a precise pricing estimate for establishing a dedicated circuit.

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