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Count on Precise Building Services During an Electrical Emergency

Precise Building Services in Hyattsville, MD offers the city’s most reliable and trusted emergency electrical services from our certified and licensed electricians. No matter the occasion or electrical emergency, let us handle it with utmost professionalism and dedication to quality. Whether you need emergency electrical services for your business or home, Precise Building Services is Hyattsville’s number one choice in getting power and safety back.

At Precise Building Services we understand the complexities and burdens of handling electrical problems that put your home, family and your business at risk. Malfunctioning electrical grids, wires and systems can cause great damage to your property and should be handled with utmost care, attention and precision. Let us ease the burden of emergency electrical repair with our outstanding electricians equipped with over 15 years of knowledge and expertise, as well as our reliable and effective solutions. 

No one in Hyattsville, MD takes care of emergency electrical services and repairs like Precise Building Services. Our dedication to your electrical service needs are our priority.

What do most electricians charge per hour near Hyattsville?
On average, hiring an electrician costs around $75 per hour, with typical prices ranging from $50 to $100 per hour. More extensive improvements, such as replacing an electrical panel or rewiring the property, cost between $2,000 and $6,000 or more. The hourly rate for hiring an electrician is determined by the electrician's level of expertise and the type of work to be performed. The electrician's hourly rate is not the final charge. There could be extra expenses for supplies and components, perhaps a travel charge and any fees for anybody else who worked on the task with them. Be sure to ask questions up front so there are no surprises! Precise Building Services provides Hyattsville area homes and businesses with professional electrician services. Give us a call to schedule an appointment.
When should you upgrade your electrical panel?
Electric panels generally need to be replaced every 25-40 years, so if your home is that old, you may need to change. Faulty wiring is one of the major causes of house fires in the United States. In general, the older the wiring, the more likely it is to be defective, but having your electric panel tested by a skilled electrician on a regular basis will uncover any concerns. If you see any of the following in your house, there's a good probability it's due to a wiring problem:
  • Lights or other equipment that flicker.
  • Appliances, you may get minor electric shocks.
  • Burning smells that can’t be explained.
  • Scorch marks around outlets.
  • The electrical panel is warm or hot to the touch.
If your electrical panel is aging and ready for an upgrade, give Precise Building Services a call. Our licensed electricians are here to help.
Can I replace my electrical breaker box myself?
We strongly urge you to avoid it. When working with an electrical panel, you are dealing with live energy at high voltage levels. In other words, it's an extremely risky process in which a single error can result in significant injury or even death. Furthermore, the procedure of replacing an electrical panel is rather difficult. If you are upgrading a breaker box, you will most likely be installing new wires as well as an electricity meter. Working inside an electrical panel is risky and should only be done by a professional and certified electrician. If your breaker box needs to be replaced, contact a licensed electrician like Precise Building Services. We have the knowledge and skills to safely replace your electrical breaker box.

Emergency Electrical Panel Repairs in Hyattsville

Electrical panels are the backbone of your home or business’ electrical system. Any sort of interference or weird buzzing noises coming from it may be signs of big problems. A damaged electrical grid requires professional help immediately. 

We at Precise Building Services have installed, repaired and maintained electrical panels and circuit breakers for the residents and businesses of Hyattsville, MD since 2011 and are the utmost experts in handling emergency electrical services. Our expert, experienced and reliable electricians will be able to handle any issues with your electrical panel and be able to provide effective solutions to your unique challenges.

Hyattsville’s Friendly Go-To Electricians

We are Hyattsville’s number one choice for emergency electrical repair and our local reviews will show you why. Contact us today to schedule your electrical service.

Local Reviews
for Hyattsville, MD

Jones C.

Jones C.

Residential Electrical: Clients home was outdated for the electrical needs. Homeowner called for electrical inspection and we were able to upgrade the home with electrical services. Home was rewired and panel was upgraded.

Near East-West Hwy, Hyattsville, MD 20782
Jones C.

Jones C.

Circuit Breakers and Panel Upgrade: Older home needed to be brought up to code. We replaced all of the outdated electrical circuitry and outlets at the property. Completed electrical home renovation.

Near East-West Hwy, Hyattsville, MD 20782
Ariel A.

Ariel A.

Replaced inoperable Meter Can to Home and the undersized cable going to the Electrical Panel.

Near 8th Ave, Hyattsville, MD 20783
Ariel A.

Ariel A.

Install motion sensors all around perimeter of home.

Near Rittenhouse St, Hyattsville, MD 20783
Ariel A.

Ariel A.

Rewire basement with new circuits and upgrade Electrical Panel to 200 Amps with surge protection.

Near Red Top Rd, Hyattsville, MD 20783
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