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Electric Vehicle Charging Station Installation

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Charge Your Electric Car at Home with EV Charger Station Installation

It’s no wonder that electric cars and trucks are becoming more popular. Electric vehicles offer impressive performance and reliability, and they’re also good for the environment. Precise Building Services can help you charge your electric vehicle at home with our electric vehicle charging station installation service. 

A home EV charging station can significantly reduce the charging time for your vehicle, but it requires installation by a professional, licensed electrician. Choosing an EV charging installer company that has experience working with this newer technology is the smart choice. The electricians at Precise Building Services can help you find the best electric car charger for your needs and get you up and running quickly!


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Benefits of a Home Charging Station

Most electric vehicles (also known as EVs) come with a base charger that plugs into a standard 120-volt wall outlet. These are commonly known as Level 1 chargers and, while convenient and cheap, may take as long as 20 hours to charge your vehicle’s battery fully. As a long-term solution, they are probably only suitable for plug-in electric/gas hybrid vehicles.

Level 2 EV Charger Installation

If you’re looking for something quicker, Precise Building Services’ licensed electricians can install a Level 2 charger. These powerful chargers draw juice from a 240-volt outlet and can trim charge time down to as little as 4 hours! They help you maximize the advantages of at-home charging, including the fact that home charging is often much cheaper than relying on fee-based public charging stations.

Other benefits include:

  • Cost savings. You’ll be able to plan charges more efficiently overnight or at other times when electric rates may be lower.
  • More flexibility. You can do a quick partial charge while home for lunch or other brief periods.
  • Additional features. Some Level 2 chargers have Wi-Fi capability and smart features that can schedule charges, send you notifications and more.

Electric vehicle charging station installation in your home involves more than just adding a new outlet, however. That’s why working with an experienced electrician is a wise move. Precise Building Services will test the capacity of your electric panel and install any required breakers or wiring. We’ll also help you secure any permits needed for the work in your area.

EV Charging Installers near Washington DC 

To learn more about electric vehicle charging stations or our installation services, contact the experts in EV charging technology at Precise Building Services. We’ll help you determine the best location for your station and what model best suits your vehicle and personal goals. 

As with any other electrical project, you’ll benefit from our commitment to the highest standard of safety and quality, coupled with the deep expertise of our forward-looking team. Whether you have already purchased your electric vehicle, or are thinking about doing so soon, give us a call at 202.827.2214 today. We’ll be with you every step of the way as you enjoy the perks of going green!

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