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Avoid Home Damage With Safe, Secure Wiring & Mounting

With today’s flat-screen TVs, nothing beats the look of a wall-mounted unit. In addition to aesthetics, hanging the television on the wall also frees up valuable floor space and gives you more flexibility with furniture placement. 

But if you are considering a wall-mounted television, a few questions come to mind. What’s required to hang the TV securely? And, perhaps even more confusing, what to do with all those ugly wires? 

The solution is to hire an expert electrician who can help you safely mount the television, install any needed power outlets and run new wiring in the wall. For that, you can depend on Precise Building Services.


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Why Hire An Electrician To Mount Your TV?

There are many options for TV mounting services, but there are just as many reasons to choose a licensed electrician over a big-box store, a general handyman or doing it yourself. Electricians have a high level of expertise in fishing wires, installing various specialty outlets, planning for future expansion, electrical safety and finishing off the job correctly to provide a nice, clean look.

The benefits of a professional electrician include:

  • Installation of new outlets. An electrician is required if you want to install a new outlet behind the television. In many cases, an electrician can install a recessed outlet that allows the TV to be set even closer to the wall.
  • Flexibility. An electrician can run wiring to hide other components, like cable boxes or DVD players, during your TV mounting appointment.
  • Safety. Many AV components come with wires that aren’t rated to be installed behind a wall. By having Precise wire and mount your TV, you’ll be guaranteed the new wiring is to code.
  • Time savings. Mounting a television is a challenging DIY project. It may take even an experienced handyperson 2-4 hours or more to install a secure wall mount.

Call Precise To Get On With The Show!

The expert electricians at Precise Building Services have decades of experience in electrical work, including TV mounting and wiring. We are the best solution in the DC-metro area to get the job done right. And with our focus on safety and quality, you can depend on enjoying your wall-mounted television trouble-free for years to come.

Contact us today to schedule an estimate for your tv mounting and wiring project, or give us a call at 202.827.2214 for a consultation on the best solution for your home. We are looking forward to sharing our expertise and getting you ready for showtime!


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